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Coach excursions

Excursions - Falcón León

Autocares Falcón León also hires its coaches for excursions. Our customers can organise their dream trip to national and Portuguese destinations. The service is available to anyone -schools, enterprises or a group of people with common interests.

This option is currently used not only by travel agencies, but also by clubs and residents’ associations that want to enjoy a field trip together.

Choose us as your coach hire company for excursions

Despite the large variety of customers, they all pursue the same goal. A common demand is an affordable coach rental price for their excursions. Comfort and quality transport is another popular demand.

Hence, we offer high-end coaches driven by professionals with extensive experience in the passenger transport sector in Spain.

Our 12-coach fleet for excursions has explored different routes across Andalusia over the years. These routes are tailored to our customers’ needs, albeit always in compliance with the most stringent safety requirements.

Although we offer coaches with different capacities, the most popular option is the 55-seater. This is not necessarily a problem provided that the group consists of at least 10 people.

Our affordable coach rental prices for excursions has enabled us to establish ourselves as a key player in this competitive market on which travel agencies, schools and groups rely.

If you only want to focus on enjoying the visits, we are your company. Contact us for a quote tailored to your needs.