Tours - Falcón León


Tours - Falcón León

Tours are a growing trend nowadays. People can visit amazing places in a hassle-free, quick and comfortable manner. That is why coach rental for tours is a booming market. Indeed, many travel agencies turn to specialised companies like Autocares Falcón León to offer this service.

You can rely us to provide your customers a pleasant trip to their destinations. We have vast expertise in creating unforgettable experiences for you.

Coach rental for tours is fashionable

We work with national and international travel agencies, including some from Italy, Belgium and distant Japan. Although they are uniquely different, they all want the same thing: a comfortable ride for tourists that have enjoyed intense and exciting days visiting various locations.

Autocares Falcón León can make it happen because our coaches are equipped with the latest innovations.

The most popular destination is Andalusia, including visits to Seville, Malaga and its coast, Granada and Cordoba.

Another popular destination in Spain, albeit in less demand, is Madrid. We also provide coaches for tourist routes in Portugal, our neighbouring country with a wealth of enchanting places to discover.

The concept behind these tours has changed significantly. In the past, you would frequently see huge crowds of tourists who wanted to visit every possible site; hence, 55-seat coaches were the most popular for these routes. The 37-seat coach is now the most demanded capacity, as the groups typically consist of less than 35 people. Tailored options are preferred.

Although tourist agencies are free to design many aspects of the tour, we take care of the travel details and also provide telephone-based advice. Contact us to organise the perfect tour.